How to correct an evangelist


Maybe you’re lucky enough to have customer evangelists who are passionate and spread the word about you.But perhaps the way they describe you to others in person, or on their blog, isn’t how you would say it personally, or how your company says it. It isn’t factually wrong, but it’s not exactly how you would say it.

Would you:

a) Correct your customer evangelist publicly, such as leaving a comment on their blog?
b) Thank them in an email for the mention, and then correct them?
c) Thank them on their blog, or in an email, and say nothing about their somewhat flawed description?
d) Do or say nothing?

The correct answer, as I see it, is C.

  • No matter what, thank the customer for her referral and/or passion.
  • If the customer has old or incorrect information, you could ask if they’re interested in an update on what’s new. Better yet, invite her to join a special program for evangelists; access to an inner circle can be golden.
  • If the customer’s information is technically correct but incomplete, or uses her own words and not yours, get over it. A word-smithing scold is old.

Via Church of the customer blog



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