Aberatsa naiz

Customer: Local Government in Vitoria-Gasteiz (Basque Country)
Strategy: Joseba Kamio
Graphic Design: Unai Maleski
Copy: Joseba Kamio
Photography: Imanol Amas
Production: Joana Mendiburu
Account Executive: Leire Agirrezabala

Many things can be said about this case.

1/ As many others, this local government was developing language promotion campaigns in an annual basis. However, this campaigns were not linked to a general strategy and had no relation between them.

2/ Furthermore, most of this campaigns were mere “annual happenings” based on gaining publicity, but no meaningful insight was playing a role to none of the targets involved.

3/ As a positive standing, this campaigns were playing an important role on activating the basque language community supporters.

3/ Our approach is based on two principles: in one hand, a common ground for future campaigns to link them all in a meaningful way; in the other, a ROI measurement, both in an economic sense and in an sociolinguistic sense.

4/ We choose a powerful insight based on identity, inclusion and vitality, far from drama based help shouting or happening biased inoffensive messages.