Customer: Altzueta Sagardoa Strategy: Joseba Kamio Graphic Design: Unai Maleski Production: Joana Mendiburu Account Executive: Joseba Kamio/Leire Agirrezabala

Cider market in the Basque Country grew from 1 million liters in 1970 to 12 million liters in 2012 (still far from it’s best results, 30 million liters, in the 20’s). As a mater of fact, let’s say cider and cider houses were reborn and got a big support from urban consumers in the 70’s. Thanks to that support cider making in the Basque Country avoided death.

There is still a lot to do about quality and marketing. Actually, cider is a cultural good and works as an identity provider, despite of quality. Let’s face it: the market works as a commodity.

As far as almost everybody in the marketplace is fighting for “quality” (there is still a lot to do), this is not anymore meaningful for consumers. Based on market research, we isolate “freshness” as the main insight for Altzueta and it’s positioning, and we brought it together with “social consumption/celebration”, which is one it’s main characteristics.

Furthermore, we brought a new business insight and connected the brand to a wider business-range, for new products to come in the future, providing diversification and safety to the family running the business at the back end.