Customer: San Marko Municipalities Community for waste disposal
Strategy: Joseba Kamio
Naming: Joseba Kamio
Visual keys: Joseba Kamio
Graphic design: Nestor Ortiz
Production: Joana Mendiburu
Account Executive: Joseba Kamio

Big fights run all over the world about waste disposal systems: zero waste, incineration, landfills, etc. San Marcos Municipalities Community Government alliances were changing very fast from incineration supporters to zero waste supporters, so our approach had to satisfy all parts involved. As a matter of fact, we believed this huge controversy had a huge social change potential.

What we did was to bring all parts together to a common point, after reading carefully each part’s public statements. The basic idea was zero disposal, as far as this is a common ground for zerowasters and incineration supporters (there is a subtle diffenrence between zero disposal and zero waste). We came to the brand’s key visuals using an universal and well known mathematic sign of perfection, which everybody learns at school. The brand sets a conversation about operation excellence, education and community building (common goals and identity). It also sets a public compromise or positioning for the government, whatever the political color.

Let’s say it briefly: we managed social controversy as an opportunity of pushing community building and welfare through a branding strategy to bring them all together to a common point, despite of all the political fight.

Government changed and the brand is still alive and kicking.